High NRG-N

Nitrogen for the Entire Growing Season

High NRG-N is engineered to provide a controlled release of plant-available nitrogen over an extended period.

This soil-applied nitrogen is released over time to provide nutrition when your plants need it most. In addition to nitrogen, High NRG-N contains sulfur and trace amounts of known chlorophyll-building secondary and micronutrients.

High NRG-N may be used at lower volumes, but it will produce quality and yields comparable to crops grown with conventional nitrogen sources. It can also be tank mixed with other nutrients and crop protection products. This is important to providing increased profits from lower fuel and labor costs.

High NRG-N includes our proprietary Nutriq Technology that protects the nitrogen and reduces losses from leaching and volatility.

Product Benefits

  • Complete source of nitrogen nutrition
  • Contains Nutriq Technology to reduce leaching loss and volatility
  • Increased yields and product quality
  • Slow release over time making nitrogen available when your crop needs it
  • It’s clean and easy to apply

Composition Guarantee Analysis

Total Nitrogen 27.00%
6.75% Nitrate Nitrogen
6.75% Ammoniacal Nitrogen
13.50% Urea Nitrogen
Sulfur (s) 1.00%
1.00% Combined Sulfur

High NRG-N™ is not seed safe at normal application rates and should not be applied to crop foliage as tissue burn can occur. An exception to this would be with early topdress applications to small grain crops. Although some burn may occur in certain environmental conditions, those situations have not been shown to affect subsequent growth, quality, or yield.

Have us design a custom nutrition plan for you

An AgroLiquid nutrition plan is dependent on your location, climate, soil conditions, and goals with your crop. All of our tailored programs start with reviewing your soil samples with one of our expert agronomists. After our analysis, our team will provide you with a couple options that will help you meet your goals on a budget that won’t break the bank.

AgroLiquid Scientific Advancements

All nitrogen liquid fertilizers are not equal. AgroLiquid allows you to do more with less and works better due to the research efforts of our crop nutrient scientists. Our products improve yield and decrease the amount of fertilizer application needed. We’re constantly creating new innovations and solutions for you.

Nutriq Technology

This bonds with your nutrients and creates a protective layer that makes up to 80% more of your nutrients available to plants. It sounds like magic, but it’s just science.

Application strategies for High NRG-N

Banded away from seed

Broadcast after planting

Drip or overhead irrigation

Banded below seed

Surface banding several inches to the side of seed placement

Sidedress application to the soil surface or injected

Have a specific crop problem you’re trying to solve?

AgroLiquid was founded because there wasn’t a nutritional product that was solving our fertilizer needs; after 35 years of development and research, our chemists, biologists, and agronomists continue to innovate and create the best products on the market. If you have a specific crop problem, ask one of our agronomists and we’ll help you solve it!

High NRG-N liquid nitrogen fertilizer is used regularly with

Pro Germinator

Pro-Germinator provides well-balanced crop nutrition and supports early growth at planting. It provides a range of nutrients without damage to plants.


Sure-K liquid potassium fertilizer mixes well with High NRG-N and is extremely safe on crops and can be used in any scenario where potassium is needed.


accesS is a liquid sulfur fertilizer used to correct sulfur deficiencies and improve nitrogen utilization.

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