PrimAgro N

Fast-Acting Nitrogen Biofertilizer to Increase Plant and Soil Health

PrimAgro N is an innovative nitrogen biofertilizer which delivers essential nitrogen to crops while improving the health of the soil. This product combines plant-usable nitrogen and sulfur with beneficial microbes which naturally promote nitrogen utilization and water intake. This nitrogen biofertilizer provides essential nitrogen and sulfur to promote plant growth, and also introduces microorganisms to the soil. This helps to prevent nutrient tie-up, allowing your farm or orchard to be more productive.

The Importance of Biofertilizer

The soil is a biologically active place. The microbes within the soil are an important part of every plant’s growing environment, especially when it comes to root development and nutrient processing. Unfortunately, the application of heavy fertilizers, pesticides and fungicides takes its toll on soil microbes. PrimAgro N nitrogen biofertilizer is designed to restore these beneficial bacteria and renew the natural biology of the soil. While many other nitrogen fertilizers may damage the nutrient and microbe profile of the soil, this PrimAgro N helps to restore it.

The microbes in PrimAgro N nitrogen biofertilizer optimize nitrogen utilization. This also increases the overall soil health by stabilizing the carbon cycle, reducing leaching, improving water movement and utilization, and improving the nutrient balance of the soil. PrimAgro N is a nitrogen biofertilizer that will help your crops and yields improve short-term, and maintain your soil health long-term.

PrimAgro N Nitrogen Biofertilizer Application

PrimAgro N combines biologicals and 30-0-0 fertilizer into one versatile solution, eliminating the extra time, manpower, and uncertain mixing processes usually involved in adding biologicals. These two elements combined allow crops and trees to access more nitrogen throughout the growing season and at pivotal production times. This sustained growth not only helps to improve the plant health and promote healthy root systems, but also makes the crops and trees less susceptible to effects of pests, disease and drought.

PrimAgro N is not intended for foliar application, as it can cause tissue damage to many crops. A notable exception to this is early topdress applications to small grain crops. Though some burn may occur, research shows it does not affect later growth or yield. PrimAgro N can also be applied in many other ways.

Product Benefits

  • Provides essential nitrogen and sulfur
  • Restores beneficial soil bacteria
  • Bolsters root growth and root mass
  • Improves soil health and longevity
  • Balances nutrient profile in soil
  • Improves nitrogen fixing and utilization

Nitrogen Biofertilizer to Sustain Soil Health

From grains to fruit trees to vegetables and everything in between, all plants need nitrogen to grow. However, adding too much nitrogen to the soil can disrupt the natural biological processes that support nutrient uptake. Traditional nitrogen fertilizers may often add excessive nutrients to the soil, which ends up either as run-off into rivers, lakes, and wetlands, or remains in the soil and disrupts the soil biome. Though the intent of traditional nitrogen fertilizer is to create better crops and improve yields, it can destroy habitats and disrupt the soil’s microbiological balance.

Our nitrogen biofertilizer with microbes works to restore this balance. The microbes in the nitrogen fertilizer work with the nitrogen and the soil to benefit crops, the soil, and the overall environment. Farmers and growers who are conscious of the value of their crops as well as the quality of the land have utilized PrimAgro N as a nitrogen biofertilizer.

Composition Guarantee Analysis

Total Nitrogen (N) 30.00%
6.60% Nitrate Nitrogen
5.70% Ammoniacal Nitrogen
17.70% Urea Nitrogen
Sulfur (S) 1.00%
1.00% Combined Sulfur

Also contains non plant food ingredients.

Contains 56.8 million total colony forming units per gallon

(5.68×107 total CFU/gallon) of the following bacteria:

Bacillus subtilis 1.50×104 CFU/mL

PrimAgro N™ is derived from ammonium nitrate, ammonium sulfate, and urea. It also contains beneficial bacteria intended to improve the soil biology and root environment. PrimAgro N is not intended for foliar application, and can cause tissue damage in many crops.

Store in a cool, dark place to maximize shelf life.

Expires 12 months from delivery date. Microorganisms exempt from CFR requirements – 40 CFR 725.

Have us design a custom nutrition plan for you

An AgroLiquid nutrition plan is dependent on your location, climate, soil conditions, and goals with your crop. All of our tailored programs start with reviewing your soil samples with one of our expert agronomists. After our analysis, our team will provide you with a couple options that will help you meet your goals on a budget that won’t break the bank.

AgroLiquid Scientific Advancements

PrimAgro™ biological fertilizers are the result of years of chemical, nutritional, and agriscience research. These products combine two of our breakthrough technologies; Nutriq Technology and PrimAgro biologicals. These technologies allow nutrients and biologicals to combine seamlessly into one easy-to-use 30-0-0 fertilizer. While most fertilizers throw off the soil balance with excessive nutrients, most of which aren’t usable to plants, PrimAgro N™ restores and protects the health of the soil, water, and air.

Nutriq Technology

This bonds with your nutrients and creates a protective layer that makes up to 80% more of your nutrients available to plants. It sounds like magic, but it’s just science.

Application strategies for PrimAgro N™

Planter placement

Drip irrigation

Surface band at planting

Broadcast prior to or following planting

Banded below seed placement


Have a specific crop problem you’re trying to solve?

AgroLiquid was founded because there wasn’t a nutritional product that was solving our fertilizer needs; after 35 years of development and research, our chemists, biologists, and agronomists continue to innovate and create the best products on the market. If you have a specific crop problem, ask one of our agronomists and we’ll help you solve it!

PrimAgro N™ nitrogen biofertilizer is used regularly with

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