Liquid Fertilizer for wheat

An extra 12bu/A?


After years of research on our 1,000 acre facility, the results are in. Read this report to see how you can increase wheat yields by as much as 12bu/A

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AgroLiquid is precision crop nutrition.

We know wheat farmers often deal with tight margins, and reducing input costs while increasing yield is a careful balance. When we developed our liquid fertilizer for wheat, we wanted to give wheat farmers flexibility, affordability, and higher yield, while still protecting soil quality.

Our agronomic experts succeeded, developing the optimal liquid fertilizer regiment for wheat. Our experts and retail partners are ready to help you bring these results to your farm.

Apply Less.
Expect More.

Winter wheat fertilized with AgroLiquid products not only provides higher yields, but it also reduces several risks. By accessing additional nutrients, wheat crops are more resistant to pests, disease, fungus, drought, and stress.

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Stronger Wheat Crops

Wheat crops fertilized with AgroLiquid consistently show higher vegetation density, brighter color, and more disease resistance than crops using commodity fertilizer.

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Higher Yield

When margins are tight, the average 5-10 bu/acre higher yields from Pro-Germinator and N-Suite applications give farmers an important edge.

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Flexible Application

AgroLiquid’s fertilizers for wheat are designed to mix safely with other products, including pesticides and fungicides. This means less manpower and fewer trips.

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Responsible Nutrient Management

AgroLiquid dramatically reduces total fertilizer use, so we are fertilizing sustainably, responsibly, and economically

“Pro-Germinator is the cleanest product I’ve ever used. We can strip the entire farm and our filters in our fertilizer system stay clean. When I’ve used other products, I am cleaning the filters often.”

Joe Webb

See how AgroLiquid improves yields and plant resilience

We carefully studied wheat production at our 1,000-acre research facility to formulate the right nutrient combinations for winter and spring wheat. When adding the right nutrients at the right time, yields increased substantially.

Get the results of our research to see how you can:

  • Improve yields by 12 bu/A using Pro-Germinator compared to nitrogen-only fertilizer.
  • Improve yields by 5.3 bu/A using NResponse as a foliar fertilizer compared to no foliar
  • Reduce leaf burn

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