Liquid fertilizer for almonds

An extra 152 lbs/A?


After four years of research the results are in. Read this report to see the best timing, placement and nutrition mix that increase almonds yields by an average of 152 lbs/A.

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AgroLiquid is precision crop nutrition.

The right nutrients at the right time can maximize almond yields. But it’s also important to consider expenses and returns. Our liquid almond fertilizer is designed to provide sustained nutrition that maximizes yields and delivers ROI.

If you have questions, we have answers. Our agronomic experts and retail partners are ready to help you get more from your almond fertilizer and help your trees thrive.

Apply Less.
Expect More.

Many potassium fertilizers for almonds become tied up in the soil and aren’t usable by the trees. Our liquid almond fertilizer formula is designed to increase fertilizer availability to the plants, thereby improving growth and yields.

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Sustained Nutrients Support Continuous Growth

AgroLiquid fertilizers provide sustained potassium to support almond tree’s linear potassium uptake.

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Easy Application

Apply liquid potassium fertilizers for almonds at the same time you apply fungicides, herbicides or other fertilizers to reduce time and upkeep.

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Versatile Application

AgroLiquid’s liquid potassium fertilizers can be applied as a topdress, sidedress, foliar, or through fertigation.

Healthier Soil

Our liquid potassium fertilizer for almonds are chloride- and hydroxide-free to maintain healthier soil long-term.

“Using the product eNhance, with our nitrogen program, has allowed us to significantly reduce the amount of nitrogen applied to our crop each year,” said Jake. “Responsible Nutrient Management is a critical element of our goal for sustainable farming.”

Jake Wenger, Wenger Ranch

See how AgroLiquid improves yields with less fertilizer

Balancing the costs of almond fertilizer against performance and yields can be a meticulous process. We performed the studies to prove how you can increase yields and improve ROI.

Get the results of this six-year study to see how you can:

  • Improve almond yields by an average of 83lbs/A compared to conventional fertilizer
  • Reduce excess potassium in soil and improve long-term soil health
  • Improve tree growth and almond quality

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Got a question?

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