Liquid fertilizer for potatoes

More potatoes with less fertilizer?


We studied the effects of potato fertilizer on different types of potatoes, soil and climates. Read this report to see the best timing, placement and nutrition mix that can get you significantly more, high-quality potatoes per acre.

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AgroLiquid is precision crop nutrition.

Proper nutrition is key to maximizing potato yields. However, yield must be balanced against expenses. Our liquid potato fertilizers are engineered to help you deliver the right nutrition at the right time for the best results possible while saving you money.

And you don’t have to go it alone. Our agronomic experts and retail partners are ready to help you get more return from every drop so you can succeed like never before.

Apply Less.
Expect More.

Potato yield and quality are directly impacted by source, quantity and timing of nutrient applications. As potassium breaks down in the soil, it can bond with other soil ions and becomes unusable to plants. By making more potassium available to the plant, AgroLiquid farmers used 48 lbs less P2O5 than the 10-34-0 fertilizer while receiving 41 cwt/A more potatoes. Plus, making more potassium available also encourages the growth of larger, higher quality tubers.

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More usable nutrients

Fertilizer becomes available as needed by the plant and doesn’t get tied up in the soil, providing stable, efficient nutrition.

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Flexible application

Allows you to deliver nutrients when it is most effective throughout the potato growth cycle and also combine with other nutrients, fungicides and herbicides.

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Higher yield

By increasing fertilizer efficiency and availability, produce more and larger tubers per acre with less fertilizer.

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Better ROI

When your fields require less fertilizer, while producing more yield, your operation is more profitable.

Did you know? Farmers using AgroLiquid potato fertilizer used 48 lbs less P2O5 than the 10-34-0 fertilizer, yet received 41 cwt/A more potatoes.

See how you could be getting more out of your fields.

Potato growers face a number of challenges that are out of their control. Our researchers set out to find a way to consistently mitigate risk with optimal nutrition and reliably improve tuber yields and quality year over year without increasing fertilizer costs.

Get the results of this study to see how you can get:

  • 164 cwt/A more Red Endeavor potatoes
  • 290 cwt/A more Goldrush potatoes
  • 107 cwt/A more Dark Red Norland potatoes
  • Larger potatoes
  • Fewer defects

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