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Our partner resources are available for our employees, research partners, distributors, and other important individuals and businesses in our network. If you would like to be a part of our partner network, or you are already a partner and are having trouble accessing the system, contact us at 1-800-678-9029.

If you are looking for retailers and crop advisors near you, visit our contact page. With your location, we can help you find your closest experts. Or if you have questions about the performance of your crops, nutrient deficiencies you’re seeing, soil issues, or other questions, our experienced agronomists can help. Ask an agronomist to get answers and solve these challenges. 

PROSPER is our proprietary system designed to assist our retail partners across the country with logistics, information organization, billing, research, and more. 

Litmos helps us organize and provide access to our many informational resources. These resources are helpful for sales teams, retailers, crop advisors, researchers and many others. With your Litmos login, you’ll have access to a wide array of resources. Within our course library, you’ll find informational presentations on nutrient utilization by crop, fertilizer delivery methods and their effects on different crops, information on fertilizer products, and research reports with details about different fertilizers’ effects on different crops. You’ll also find more information about our business in the presentation library including the history of AgroLiquid, our product development, research, scientific advancements, and much more.    

The AgroLiquid Promo Store is a resource for our retail partners to order marketing materials, literature, apparel, and other AgroLiquid branded merchandise.

AgroLiquidRx is a proprietary tool for our sales team and retail partners to help refine their crop nutrition recommendations.


Online ordering system for Retail Partners


Training videos, slide library and additional information

Promo Store

Promotional materials for AgroLiquid representatives