Lawn And Garden

AgroLiquid manufactures the highest quality plant nutrients for your lawn and garden.

Lawn and garden fertilizer should provide sustained nutrition and protection from threats, without requiring more mowing and maintenance. AgroLiquid’s liquid lawn and garden fertilizer is designed to do exactly that. Slow-release nutrients contained in the lawn and garden fertilizer products provide sustained nutrition, instead of a flood of nutrients that cause rapid growth and increased maintenance. This keeps your lawn and gardens looking beautiful throughout the year. These fertilizers are suitable for a range of decorative and functional vegetation, including turf grass for fields and parks, ferns, bushes, flowers, and many more.


NutriRain™ 20-0-2 is comprised of essential nutrients needed to support strong, healthy grass and gardens. We have studied the needs of turf grass and other ornamental plants extensively to find the ideal fertilizer program. The unique combination of nutrients provides professional results, including rich, healthy green grass, robust flowers, and thick ornamental plants. This lawn and garden fertilizer is an environmentally friendly, chloride- hyroxide- and phosphorus-free, high-performance product. Since it reduces the use of harmful salts in your garden or on your grass, plants enjoy increased longevity. NutriRain also uses a lower concentration of nutrients and reduces leaching into the water, so it lessens the harmful effects of fertilizers on the surrounding environment. This is made possible through the use of Nutriq Technology, which prevents nutrients from breaking down in the soil until plants are ready to use them.

NutriRain 20-0-2 is a highly usable turf formulation with the micronutrients needed for a robust, vigorous lawn. A thriving lawn is not only more resistant to disease and pests, but it also adds beauty and value to any home. Whether you are maintaining an impeccable landscape around your business, or you are enjoying a gorgeous lawn and garden at home, NutriRain can help.


GrowRight™ is a quick-response formulation of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and iron. This unique blend of nutrients makes it a versatile solution for a wide range of functional and ornamental plants and grasses. GrowRight is highly effective on vegetable crops and ornamental plants, as well as fruit and nut crops. Home gardeners as well as professional landscapers and growers use GrowRight to support healthy, continuous growth throughout the season. Whether your plants are an important part of your business, or you simply love the look of a robust garden at home, GrowRight can help you optimize it.

You can use GrowRight  as part of a season-long nutrition program or it may be used to address specific crop nutrient needs. If you notice your grass, flowers, vegetables, trees, or other plants losing vigor, a nutrient deficiency may be responsible. GrowRight provides the macronutrients N, P, and K, as well as iron to get your plants and your soil back into balance.