Y-Drop Application for Liquid Fertilizer

Y-drop application is quickly gaining popularity for a wide variety of crops across the U.S. and around the world. Adding crop nutrition through Y-drop equipment gives farmers and growers numerous advantages not found through other fertilizer application methods. This makes it easier to provide essential nutrients when and where they’re needed, even if the crops have become too tall to use other application methods. AgroLiquid fertilizers are designed to work effectively with a variety of application mechanisms, crops, and climates. Our expert agronomists can help design a plan to meet your crop goals with your soil type, climate, nutrient levels, precipitation and within your budget.

Y-drop fertilizer application is ideal for improving nitrogen efficiency. Because AgroLiquid products are highly compatible with other crop nutrients, Y-Drop applications are a great opportunity to add other crop nutrients to your mid-season placement. Whether this is to correct deficiencies, provide nutrients you weren’t able to apply at planting, or to maximize your crop’s potential, Y-drop application can help meet your crop goals.

Are you using Y-drop application for your crop nutrition program? If you’re wondering how AgroLiquid fertilizer works with your equipment, crops, climate and soil, we can help. Our experienced agronomists will answer your questions and help you develop a powerful, cost-effective liquid fertilizer program.

Best AgroLiquid Fertilizers for Y-Drop Application

  • Pro-Germinator
  • Sure-K
  • Kalibrate
  • Micro 500
  • High NRG-N

Y-Drop Fertilizer Application is ideal for:

  • Mid-season nutrient boost over tall crops
  • Correcting nutrient deficiencies
  • Improving nutrient utilization
  • Increasing yields
  • Covering crops faster

Make a Custom Fertilizer Plan

Talk with one of our agronomists to learn more about designing a custom nutrition plan for your plants. We’ll review your soil samples, crop needs, budget, and other factors to determine the best fertilizer program and application methods.