Liquid fertilizer for tree nuts

Higher-quality nuts?


By the time visible signs of nutrient deficiencies appear, they have often already affected tree production. Read this tree nut report to see how the right timing and nutrition mix can help prevent deficiencies to improve nut quality and quantity.

AgroLiquid is precision crop nutrition.

Proper nutrition is key to maximizing almond, pecan, chestnut, walnut and other tree nut yields. However, yield must be balanced against expenses. Our liquid tree nut fertilizers are engineered to help you deliver the right nutrition at the right time for the best results possible while saving you money.

And you don’t have to go it alone. Our agronomic experts and retail partners are ready to help you get more return from every drop so you can succeed like never before.

Apply Less.
Expect More.

Nut trees need potassium throughout the growing seasons. Commodity fertilizers deliver a rush of nutrients at one time, the bulk of which get locked in the soil or filtered away in runoff making them unavailable to the tree. AgroLiquid’s high-efficiency fertilizers are designed for slow release. This allows the trees to continuously draw from essential nutrients like potassium as well as phosphorus, nitrogen, sulfur, calcium, zinc and other nutrients to support all aspects of the tree’s growth from bud to bloom to fruit.

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More usable nutrients

Fertilizer becomes available as needed by the tree and doesn’t get tied up in the soil, providing stable, efficient nutrition.

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Soil-friendly nutrients

Deliver nutrition to the tree without excess nutrients or soil-damaging chloride and hydroxide salts that can impact the longevity of the orchard and the health of the surrounding land.

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Flexible application

AgroLiquid tree nut fertilizers can combine macro-, secondary and micronutrients and are also safe to mix with other nutrients, pesticides and fungicides so you can give your trees better nutrition while making fewer applications.

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Better ROI

When your orchards require less fertilizer and fewer passes, while producing more yield, your operation is more profitable.

“Using the product eNhance™, with our nitrogen program, has allowed us to significantly reduce the amount of nitrogen applied to our crop each year. Responsible Nutrient Management is a critical element of our goal for sustainable farming.”

Jeff Wegner, Wegner Ranch

See how you could be getting more out of your tree nut orchard.

Giving tree nuts the nutrients they need throughout the growing season can be a challenge. Tree nuts require a wide range of nutrients for a longer time in order to develop high-quality nuts. Our researchers set out to find the optimal nutrition to more reliably grow quality nuts and increase yield without increasing fertilizer costs.

Get the study comparing nut fertilization programs.

  • See which program delivered the most almond meat
  • Understand how macro and micro nutrients work together to increase yields
  • Get a higher net return

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