Liquid fertilizer for sugarbeets

An extra 6ton/A?


After years of research the results are in. Read this report to see how the right sugarbeet fertilizer formulation and timing can improve yields by as much as 6ton/A.

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AgroLiquid is precision crop nutrition.

When it comes to sugarbeets, a higher yield is not the only concern. The quality of beets and the amount of recoverable white sugar is the biggest priority. More beets does not always equal more sugar. When we formulated our sugarbeet fertilizer, we focused on increasing yield and quality while boosting ROI.

If you have questions, we can help. Our agronomic experts and retail partners are ready to help you improve your sugarbeet yields, sucrose extraction, and overall ROI.

Apply Less.
Expect More.

We put our 35 years of crop nutrient science experience to work when we developed our sugarbeet fertilizer. With the right nutrients in the soil usable to plants, farmers can increase sugar content through science instead of relying on luck.

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More Sugar

By understanding how sugarbeets build sugar in the roots, we were able to develop a macro- and micronutrient program especially for this unique crop.

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Healthier Plants

A broader range of micronutrients and more available macronutrients makes plants more resilient against drought, disease, and stress.

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No Soil Salinization

AgroLiquid fertilizer is chloride and hydroxide free. This keeps the soil healthier and limits the risk of soil salinization

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Less Nutrient Runoff

By using less fertilizer in a more efficient way, we reduce the nitrogen and phosphorus that could end up in waterways or locked in the soil.

“Take the plant, keep it happy. That’s it. Put what it needs, where it needs it. Give it a little bit – not all at once – and the plant responds to that. Simple.”

Anthony Herring, Field Manager, Kuhn Orchards

See how AgroLiquid improves sugarbeet yields and sucrose extraction  

Optimizing sugar beet yield and sugar content didn’t happen by accident. We carefully formulated, tested and studied the results of our sugarbeet fertilizer to find the best combination.

Get the results of our research to see how you can:

  • Increase yields by as much as 6 ton/A
  • Extract 1,915 more lbs of sucrose per acre
  • Net $580 per acre in additional revenue per acre

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