Nutrient technology that
works to maximize potential.

Nutrient technology that
works to maximize potential.

The smart choice for growers, Nutriq is backed by nearly 40 years of AgroLiquid research. Our specialized technology creates conditions that cater to your unique nutrition needs and composition. Nutriq technology ensures the availability of nutrients as well as the synergy between primary nutrients, secondary nutrients and micronutrients. This approach, combined with the use of high-quality materials, is what makes peak performance possible.

The Nutriq Difference

Nutriq technology optimizes plant nutrition uptake. That means activating available nutrients when the time’s right, avoiding unwanted issues by using consistent blends and a uniform manufacturing process, and maximizing your crop’s full potential through nutrient synergy.

Available Nutrition

Nutriq available

Available nutrients when you need them most.

AgroLiquid’s Nutriq technology ensures nutrients remain free in the soil and readily available to crops when they need them. By preventing tie-up and controlling nutrient release with Nutriq technology, you allow your crops to thrive with maximized uptake and efficiency.

  • Plant-based chelation helps molecules bond with nutrient cations
  • Encapsulation protects the nutrient until release
  • Complexing enhances absorption in the root zone
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Synergy Nutriq

Nutriq synergy

Nutrient synergy leads to nutrition success.

Nutriq technology improves nutrient uptake, efficiency and nutritional processes by boosting primary nutrient performance through the use of secondary and micronutrients.

  • Plant-based molecules reduce the risk of plant injury
  • More efficient and effective than using primary nutrients alone
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performance nutriq

Nutriq performance

Peak performance starts with high-quality materials.

Our unique technology infuses high-quality materials, uniform formulations, so every bit of product applied contains the same ingredients. Our formulations are manufactured without unnecessary ingredients, protecting plants while being easy to use – saving growers time and money.

  • Safer for the plant
  • Less wear-and-tear on equipment
  • Compatible with other products
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AgroLiquid was founded because there wasn’t a nutritional product that was solving our fertilizer needs; after nearly 40 years of development and research, our chemists, biologists, and agronomists continue to innovate and create the best products on the market. If you have a specific crop problem, ask one of our agronomists and we’ll help you solve it!